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Medical insurance in Vietnam

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Medical insurance in Vietnam

Since everyone's cicumstances are unique, we know that it is crucial for your insurance plan to suit your needs. Regardless of whether you are Vietnamese or an expat, MyHEALTH is the most flexible and comprehensive medical insurance available in Vietnam.

With MyHEALTH being the most adaptable health plan in Asia, we empower you to create your own cover by tailoring components and benefits to seamlessly suit your healthcare needs and finances. In addition to top-class medical cover, top-class assistance and evacuation cover from APRIL Assistance is standard.

The MyHEALTH and YourHEALTH suite have everything you need, with coverage options for Individuals, Families or Groups. If you require help understanding benefits or building a plan best suits your current circumstances, we can offer you free advice and support you in choosing the right coverage options.

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