Caring for your employees

All the cover they need

MyHEALTH BUSINESS is a long term health plan that covers your employees and their families at home and abroad. Providing comprehensive and flexible benefits, this policy covers medical expenses and worldwide assistance services from day one.

  • Select from standard modules
  • Flexi-options provide total freedom
  • Pool rating ensures stable pricing
  • Fully tailorable benefits
  • Medical history can be disregarded
  • Choose pool or experience rating

Practical information

APRIL’s group health insurance is designed to provide the best options for both employers and employees. Our dedicated staff will work with you to make sure your company has access to top-tier health benefits and international assistance services.

Design the medical coverage your company needs using APRIL’s module-driven MyHEALTH Business. Alternatively, larger groups can create a fully bespoke scheme chosen from YourHEALTH Benefits’ extensive options.

With APRIL’s more than 40 years of international knowledge and experience, your employees are ensured the highest level of care. You and your company will have access to our medical experts, dedicated case management and worldwide service capacities while enjoying sustainable premiums.

Designed for your business

Our extensive experience in international health insurance and emergency assistance guarantees we understand your business’ needs. From designing your plan’s benefits to the delivery of our services, we are always available nearby, in the same time-zone, the same country, and even the same city.


We handle every stage of the process internally (we even have in-house medical teams) and carefully select the insurance partners we work with. We are committed to providing you long term service and sustainable premiums and are available 24/7.

Simple Scheme Administration

Our plans offer quick and simple underwriting and set-up makes administration easy for your HR Team. Our online portal for customers houses all the data and documentation you need and makes monitoring claims quick and easy.

Regional Network access

We have an Asia-wide Outpatient Direct Billing Network that makes claiming for outpatient services fast and convenient for our members. The cost of medical treatment is settled directly with the healthcare provider.

Claims Made EASY

APRIL has created an award winning EasyClaim mobile app to make submitting claims even easier. This enables members to start their claims process by sending medical bills up to the value of US$800 for rapid reimbursement via smartphone. Please send us your original receipts to finalize your reimbursement.

MyHEALTH is underwritten by Saigon Post & Telecommunication Insurance Company. Arranged and administered by GlobalHealth Vietnam Company Limited, An APRIL Company. Unit 201, 2nd Floor, Lafayette Building 8 Phung Khac Khoan Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam